Salon Owner

Aly Calkins is the owner of Salon361. She was trained at the Paul Mitchell School and loves what she does.  Behind the chair she loves to be creative, and transform a look or update a style.  She is skilled and passionate about precision haircutting for men and women.  She also loves special occasion styling and really having an impact on an important day or event for someone.  Pampering her clientele and constantly perfecting loyal returning clients’ styles is where she really flourishes; she thrives on getting to know a person, building a relationship and helping them achieve their goals.  As a leader, in addition to all of the above, she excels in managing her team of stylists and beams with pride watching their skills, confidence and relationships with customers grow.  She enjoys teaching, training and creating a group that wants nothing less than the very best.

Aly has had much experience in the beauty industry and is constantly searching for what clients want most and what it takes to run a successful business.  She wanted to do something big in her community.  Aly dreamed of owning a salon based completely on atmosphere, experience and personal relationships as well as the best customer service and highest quality work possible.

Her goal for Salon361 is to become a brand that everyone recognizes for it's skill, success, and positivity. She wants to provide an atmosphere that people crave to be a part of.  A place that gives everyone a custom experience to fit their needs.  When you walk in she wants you to feel happy, comfortable and excited to be there.  When you leave she knows you will feel beautiful and rejuvenated.  She wants everyone to experience 361 and all it has to offer.  We believe in health and beauty from the inside, out.. overall wellness and positivity.

Aly has a passion for her business, her Salon361 clientele, and her very skilled and highly trained team.  The 361 team has valuable experience and pursues education constantly.  361 provides the very best and most current techniques keeping in mind classic, timeless styles and services.  Aly is proud of her upscale salon that has a big city feel in her small hometown.  She has turned what started out as a small salon into a full service hair salon, nail bar, and spa.  Always looking to the future, Aly has a much bigger goal and vision in mind, a place that will flourish in such a wonderful community.  With her clients that she appreciates and loves so much, and the talented, loyal, and truly one of a kind staff she has at Salon361,  she knows her brand will continue to exceed expectations.  Come experience 361, see the vision for yourself.


THU | 12:30 PM - 08:00 PM


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