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It is all about the experience.

Salon361 is not just a salon. It is a home away from home, a positive environment full of motivation, laughter, positivity, friends, family, health & wellness and beauty! Relax, unwind, and be pampered. 361 is all about the experience.

We started molding Salon361 into our vision in 2012. It has grown and changed quickly and immensely, constantly continuing to evolve. We do not get comfortable or settle, we do not fall behind what's new and cutting edge. We will forever grow and change with the trends and desires of our clients and our team. 361 is a fresh and exciting place with true love and passion for what we do and who we do it for.

As a client you can expect to be pampered, treated well, educated, and welcomed always. Bring your friends and family, trust us with your big days and special events. Let us be a part of your child's first haircut and your daughter's wedding day. Give us the opportunity to give you a fresh cut for your job interview. Allow us to help you relax after a rough week or treat yourself to a 361 experience to celebrate life's special moments.

As a 361 team member you can expect to have a fulfilling career with great friends and the best clients! You will be accommodated, educated, uplifted and motivated. You will be pushed, challenged and forced to grow as a professional and as a person. You will have fun and be creative, but most importantly you will be a day maker! Dive into this business and become part of our unique salon environment that strives for nothing but the very best.

Salon361 is a one of a kind place. The atmosphere is what it is all about but the quality of work and talent of the team speaks for itself. Creativity flows freely here and when you truly enjoy what you are doing, the clients you are working on and the people you work beside, it makes for a very positive and uplifting experience that only makes you want to be better.

We have big goals and dreams. We will continue to grow and succeed with your help. Salon361- health & wellness, teamwork, relationships, relaxation. Beauty...from the inside out.



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